Floorpunch. Beating some nazis.


Floorpunch. Beating some nazis.

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Posture & The Grizzly - No Brains

"Try to talk about nothing, for real? 
I am trying to hear you out 
Cause I’d rather talk shit on the pavement or burn a cigarette 
Then talk to you right now 
Way two different personalities 
We fuck when our worst comes out 
If you’re excited then I’ll use it 
Piss my name in the ground 

We’ll lately I fall asleep on the drives home 
You fall asleep with your clothes on 
We hold hands but we don’t talk”

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"I’ll just leave that there"

damn homie just ripped his arm off and walked away that is some hardcore shit right there

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One Hundred Year Ocean | Magnetic Curses

"I’m sorry that I’m not quite being myself

I started off like me but ended up someone else

I’m sorry that I never really work on myself

It’s not that I don’t try it’s just sometimes, well nothing helps”

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The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Space Exploration To Solve Earthly Crises


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