Adventures| 5•13•14

I’ve been digging a grave with the parts of my brain that still work.
They’re burying me with my dead dreams
My dead dreams

I still feel a heart that’s beating but I can’t feel love
I still feel a life inside me but I feel no blood.
I still clench my teeth and I pull out my hair
My skin and bones are bare.

I’ve been living with the weight of the world and the moon and the stars
Burning in my eyes.
I haven’t seen clear in 19 years;
will you please save my life?

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"My life is not a poem
it’s just a dreamer’s dumb idea
for lack of a shorter word
it’s like an onomatopoeia

So come to terms with what you can
because it’s gone before you know it
my life is not a party
It’s sort of like an omen

Rail a line coming to see you won’t resolve
a bitter type coming to beat you up
is a small, small part

A tortoise that’s forever on its back
Will always beg for slower races
but slow and steady doesn’t hack
When rabbits have the cuter faces

Take a day, a break
polish all of your lucky pennies and throw them away”

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i almost scrolled awayalmost


i almost scrolled away

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Should I feel so fucking hollow?
Should I feel so alone?

I don’t want to breathe this air
I don’t want to take another breath
I need a way out
Give me a way out of this mess

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The Shining (1980)


The Shining (1980)

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