I know things aren’t ok, and they won’t ever be.

Teen Suicide - Benzo

"People are just self-centered—it’s all about them. And we’re telling people it’s okay to be ‘all about you’ because you’re a victim and it’s not your fault. That’s why society has gotten more and more belligerent and selfish."
"Don’t focus on finding out who you are. Just get rid of the shit that you’re not and your real self will come out."

(Source: yourdistorsion)


Danny Diablo, Toby H2O, Rick Ta Life, Kev One, & Nark in a Tattoo Magazine 1991

Album Art

I’m punished to endure bitterness and shame
Struggling to suppress demons I can’t tame
Dragging me slowly as they claw at my back
I’m broken and lost, these are my final words.

No god can save me
No man can help me

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